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    Recooling of superheated steam

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    Heating-cooling cycle

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    Hotwater Reservoir

Steam Injectors / Mixing Nozzles

Range of application and advantages

Range of application

  • Direct steam heating of liquids (water, starches, liquors and more)
  • Feeding of diphyl-steam for energy supply
  • Recooling of superheated steam
  • Mixing of different media (liquids or gaseous)
  • Strips of Suspensions & emulsions (PVC, Latex)
  • Heating of pulp for paper industries up to 7% consistency
  • Sludge ventilation
  • Oxygen contacting
  • Feeding of CO2


  • Noiseless injection of steam
  • control range 0-100% of steam quantity
  • maximum heat transfer
  • minimum pressure loss
  • mounting in an optional position
  • small dimensions
  • usable in vessels or tanks
  • long product life > 10 years, mainteance free